Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mind Management 101

“Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up” --Jesse Jackson

A lot can happen in a month. Between Last month’s inspiration and this one, two of America’s longest running television serials, ONE LIFE TO LIVE and ALL MY CHILDREN were cancelled. Between the two, that is nearly a century of television, and an American Institution. These two iconic shows are beloved by millions of Americans who loved watching their stories so they can be transported to what’s supposed to be a fantasy world, away from whatever problems or hurts they are going through in life.

Soap Operas tackle many social issues and can do this because of the ongoing and daily nature of the productions. Add to that, people have a special relationship with their soaps, and the actors have a special relationship with their audience. To think that this relationship is going to end for these millions of fans is very sad indeed, to say nothing of the hundreds and hundreds of people who will be unemployed as a result.

Of course, the viewers are not going quietly into that good night, God Bless them. Like anyone, they want to be heard, seen, and answered to, and protests and campaigns all across the country are in place. For the most part, things are as peaceful as one can hope for knowing how hurt and angry everyone feels.

There is a right way to get a point across, and for certain, a wrong one. Being angry is okay, how we choose to channel our anger and pain is where the strength lies. Turning our pain onto power is the goal in life, whether we are fighting for our shows, or fighting for our lives. Managing our emotions, so that they do not manage us is the goal. Being upset motivates us to change something, staying in anger and upset can make us sick.

I like to give my feelings their due time. Like a job, I decide how many of the hours of the day I will dedicate to feelings that upset me. I have learned to say, “Oh, it’s 5 O clock, time to get in my pajamas, make a great dinner, pick out a movie, read a book, snuggle with my honey, or whatever makes me feel good.” Then I turn it off, and go about the business of enjoying my life. There are some things we can’t control, and in order to maintain a balance in life, we need to learn when to give something it’s due, and when to put it down in the name of peace, regardless of the injustices.

When you learn to master your emotions, it’s much like turning a light switch on and off, and talk about efficiency! Anger and sadness will wear you right out, learning to turn it off will conserve energy, much like turning out the lights to save money on your power bill. You are a precious commodity, and conserving your energy and creating balance in an emotional environment is important, and I hardly know anyone who isn’t feeling emotional about something. Emotional Peace is the goal in life isn’t it? Everything goes better when we are in that place. What has been achieved is incredible, even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.

I pray the soaps (and peoples jobs) are saved, the viewers are heard, and the executive in charge ousted to a place that is perfect for him. Most of all, I pray for peace and unity amongst everyone. Your well-being is the most important thing in the world. You are precious cargo in this journey of life, treat each other as such, and miracles will happen.

Love For sure,


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