Monday, June 28, 2010

Dick Clark Tribute on The Daytime Emmys

I just finished watching The Dick Clark Tribute on the Daytime Emmys, and when it was over I could not move away from in front of the television. I had tears running down my face, right along with Mr. Clark, and with those tears, so many feelings coursed through me, I feel compelled to blog.

Until this past year, I have been attending the Daytime EMMYS since 1980. I have seen it all. Every tribute, every lifetime achievement, every clip and yes, every lame number featuring so-so talent that made me feel embarrassed just to watch.

Tonight’s show stopping tribute was incredible, not just because the people performing were supremely talented, but because it took us back to a more gentle time in the world, in our lives, and in entertainment. Never in the history of the Emmys have I seen people get up from their seats and dance, and cheer their emotions through performances like I did tonight. And Why?

Because the audience wants to be reminded of a time when they felt good, and talent was on their television screens every day and night of the week.

Being a hypnotist, I tend to be observant of what makes people tick, why they think the way they do, make the choices they make, and most important, why they feel the way they do. What I witnessed tonight, is called an emotional anchor. Seeing these great entertainers took me back to a different time in life, a time of great entertainment, a time of innocence and simplicity, a time of talent, a time of dreams yet to be realized and what motivated me to be an entertainer in the first place. I am betting that the folks in the audience and at home felt the same way I do.

This brings me to wonder what the newer generations will have to look back on and feel these wonderful feelings. In a day when most of what there is to choose from is reality television, or faces that no one recognizes on their shows that are more and more fading from familiarity. I hope, that tonight will be a wake up call to what will make people come back to televsion, and that’s to feel good. To be taken back.

I am now watching Agnes Nixon get her lifetime achievement award, and I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more. I love Agnes Nixon, she started me out on LOVING and THE CITY and then ONE LIFE TO LIVE. Jill Phelps hired me and Agnes inspired me. She inspired me to be a great performer and even a writer, I never told her so, so I will write it here.

When ALL MY CHILDREN moved the entire production to Los Angeles, they put the office furniture from Agnes’ office down on loading dock to be hauled away as trash.

I happened to be in New York for a few days and heard about it and high tailed it down there with a truck and loaded it up and had it sent to my home in Las Vegas where I will hopefully write many fine things at her table. I may even have it bronzed or donate it to the Smithsonian. After all, decades of story lines were discussed and written at that table, and now it is sitting proudly in my home, under a “Spielberg” light as it should be.

To end this long blog, I will simply say this: I grew up watching soaps, and spent a third of my life acting on them, and feel so grateful to be able to say that. It was fun seeing all of my old pals on the show tonight. I hope that I will see more great talent and familiar faces on my shows in the future. And to the producers and writers, I will simply say this…

The audience wants to feel good, and it’s the “old guard” that can pull it off. So to all the Michael Knights, Erica Slezaks and Eric Bradens of Daytime, I salute and revere your talent. I hope the kids behind you are paying close attention. It is for you that the women still watch, weep, and swoon.

And as for ATWT…. You will be missed. I wept along with Michael Park and Maura West as they held their Emmys, it was a perfect ending, if there is such a thing. What a shame.

God Speed, Daytime. Remember what you saw tonight.

You have many golden years left.

One….two….three…… Wide Awake!

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