Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

Friday, December 2, 2011

December Inspirations

I love to people watch, and there is no better place to watch people than a convention. This week I was part of a convention in Las Vegas for entertainers and the people who hire them.

Yesterday I spent my break finding and introducing myself to other acts, especially the people who do what I do, because I am a people-person and I appreciate meeting others who have a passion for our art.

Imagine my surprise when I was only well received by one, yes, ONE other performer. The rest looked at me like I had three heads for stopping by their booth. Having learned over the years of evolving not to take things personally, I took the opportunity to study these moments as they were happening. I'm not even sure most of them even knew the negative vibrations they were giving off, or the facial expressions they made while trying to figure out why on Earth I would be introducing myself to the "competition." I use that word because that is exactly the energy I felt off of each person (except one) that I introduced myself to. That instead of seeing me a friendly person, they saw me as someone who threatened their livelihood.

Personally, I don't believe in competing with anyone but myself. I want to be the best me. The best performing me, the best personal me, the best lover me, the best wife me, the best sister me, and so on. I guess I could say, I am in the business of me, and in short, you are in the business of you. So how does this my sad convention tale apply to an inspiration? Here are my thoughts.

If we are going to look at life as a battle, struggle, or competition, then that is what life will become. And who wants that? In business, and in life, each of us brings something unique to the table. We are individual beings. We have our own personalities, our own uniqueness, and our own abilities to reach our highest potential, regardless of what others may say we are capable of or not capable of. We get to be just who we are without fear (if we choose) we get to control each thought, and how it will affect us by learning to manage our emotions. We can go as far as we are willing to work for and use our imaginations towards, without taking away a single thing from someone else, because they get to do exactly the same. It's a big world, full of people and opportunity, and thankfully, not everyone wants the same thing, which is why the world goes round every day. Thankfully we aren't all attracted to the same type, we all find different things interesting and/or attractive, and the good news is, it works that way in all aspects of life.

When we embrace our very own uniqueness, our very own special passion, our very own special gifts and talents, and lead our lives with the energy of love and gratitude, we never have to fear the "competition," and instead, create a community of lifting each other up while at the same time honing our personal power.

In reality, competition is an illusion. And when they don't serve us, illusions are made to be shattered.

Competition is a lack mentality, because the truth is.. (drum roll please..) there's enough for all of us! What a relief! All you have to do is just be you, and more importantly, be love. It's what we were built for, and being anything less is doing a disservice to your divine spirit of the human experience. Eliminate that spirit of "not enough" in your life. Do your work, mind your business, and be a cool person and you won't believe the magic that will happen in your world.

Merry Everything!


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