Monday, October 31, 2011

Hypnosis at Arizona State Fair, Phoenix

Catherine Hickland's Hypnosis Show until November 6th, 2011.

Happy November!


Greetings from The Arizona State Fair in Phoenix!

I am on the last week of our twenty-four day run at the State fair. I have hypnotized almost a thousand people at this fair on stage and it has been a blast! I love that I have people of all ages come up onstage to experience hypnosis, and let go of any and all fears and limitations for an hour. I always do my best to empower them before the end of the show, so that the feeling of Love, acceptance, and their own mind power can stay with them for their whole lives. As I tell them, they have a wonderful God given gift called a mind, and how they use it is the most important thing of all. Speak kindness, speak love (to themselves and everyone else) and think gentle thoughts. We really are unlimited beings, and our imaginations can work for us or against us, depending on what we choose to focus on.

Our thoughts are things. Thoughts provoke action. Thoughts guide our behavior. In our business there is a saying, "What's expected, tends to be realized." And your thoughts indicate what it is you are expecting to happen. Fear thoughts bring anxiety, Loving and good thoughts bring a sense of peace and serenity. It's simple. Positive thoughts bring positive results, and vice verse. Fear of what other people think may be one of the biggest things that holds us back from risking and being daring. I love it when people come up and perform fearlessly because they BELIEVE they are who I suggest they are for the period of time they are onstage with me. When people tell me after a show that there is no way they could ever imagine a shy friend or family member could EVER do the things they see them do on stage, I know they actually become true believers of personal mind power and how we can use that to create either Heaven, or Hell, in this life. Hypnosis is not something I do to people, it is something we do together. I simply guide them there. There is a lot of trust involved, and they know they are in good hands with me.

I love people, and I want them to come to understand the body, mind, and spirit connection so they can have the life they dream about. Making dreams a reality is possible, starting with your very first thought….. right…now. One two three, WIDE AWAKE EVERYONE!

God Bless you!


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