Thursday, September 1, 2011

There are no Failures

There are no failures. We are either succeeding or learning something...

We are here to learn. But really, how can we know what we want, or what's good for us, if we don't once in a while end up where we don't want to be? Just like driving without a GPS, sometimes we need to get lost before we find our way back to the place we wanted to go.

Sometimes circumstances put us in harms way, and other times we put ourselves there with no help at all. We humans have a habit of making choices without first gathering, and knowing, all of the facts.

Therefore, one of the most important ingredients for living a life that works is to become a fact gathering, fact-checking machine.

Another thing that determines whether we are going to have a successful outcome in decision making, is how quickly and safely we can figure our way out of situations we don't want to be in, and pledging not to beat ourselves up over it, but rather using the experience to become emotionally intelligent in spite of it. We must stop trying to make sense out of things that simply don't.

I have a saying: If it's not a death in the family, I don't sweat it. I do not mean that we ignore things in our lives that need attention. If something in life needs to be changed, change it as quickly and painlessly as possible and move on to a more positive place. Make it your business to spend good time on figuring out not only how you got there, but why. We can change the how when we figure out the why. When we figure out the why, we can change the patterns that put us precisely where we don't want to be, and put us back on the road to where we do.

Inside of each of us is the God given gift of an inner GPS. Use your mind, common sense, and intuition. Remember that important decisions demand due diligence. If you aren't clear when you are being pressured for the answer, have the courage to tell someone you will get back to them when you are. Life decisions deserve this respect. Be not afraid to look inside and ask the hard questions of yourself. The answers are already there.

Happy Life!

Love For Sure,



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