Saturday, February 14, 2009

Conceive It And Receive It

A few days ago I had the honor and pleasure to spend the day at Annville Cleona High School in Annville PA. My good and cherished friend Ryan Clements is a brilliant teacher there and invited me to spend the day with his classes and make some magic. Magic!? Which yes do you want, yes... or YES!

Kids are very different today than when I was their age. Any opportunity I get for a chance at deep-talking with them, helps connect me with this new generation and I love it. I love spending good quality time with high school students. They will soon enough be out on their own for the very first time and embarking on this journey called life. Imagine how frightening that can be if you don't have a mind-map in these times we live in.

Since there isn't a LIFE/LOVE/PASSION 101 class, I like to think that's a part of what I bring with me. Though I have to say, as a teacher, Ryan Clements comes as close it gets. Any teacher will tell you, kids are inspired, or turned off. There's two speeds, that's it.

I met many great teachers that day. Teachers are my heroes, and from whom the kids will be learning many valuable tools they will need to march bravely into their futures.

So what did I bring to this bar-b-que? I came armed with mind-skills and just plain life experience to assist these great young people with the powerful truth that they really are more in control of their futures than they think they are.

Part of an assignment for student Jeff Sim, was to read my book THE 30 DAY HEARTBREAK CURE: GETTING OVER HIM AND BACK OUT THERE ONE MONTH FROM TODAY. Part two of his assignment was to interview me on-camera.

Mind you, this school, like every other, has NO budget, just Ryan Clements, a vision, a little video camera and a lot of imagination. Jeff and his crack team did a brilliant job with the interview, content, and the editing. I dare say it was better than many network interviews I have done, probably because the only thing Jeff was concerned about what doing his best work. He wasn't worried about losing his job, or making himself look good, but making his interview work. He did his homework, was super prepared, asked great questions, and was just all- around adorable. If he doesn't go into this as a profession, I will be shocked.

The rest of the day I sat in and spoke with several classes on the magnificent power of the mind (my favorite subject in the world) and how to have it work for us, rather than all of the unconscious ways we can have it working against our dreams, personal power and joy. In one class, I devoted the entire hour assisting them in how to create powerful vision boards (as is outlined in a chapter in my book) including wants, desires, motivation, and reward. It was really interesting to see their dreams for the future come to life through the pictures and words they had chosen. We can learn a lot about a person by looking at their vision board.

It amuses me when I see the networks and Madison Avenue execs trying desperately to figure out what today's youth want to watch, listen to, and buy. It's not that complicated.

If you want to turn anyone on, speak with their mind. Speak with their spirit. People, especially kids, know when they are being spoken to. They may not consciously know, but talk about something that turns them on, and they light up, just like it's supposed to be. I know this because like "Clem" (as his students call him) my sister Kim is a brilliant teacher, and speaks to the mind and spirits of kids all day long. I am a proud sister.

Thank you Ryan, and kids, for a magical day. I believe in you and I will be excitedly watching your lives unfold.

God, bless these kids and their dreams....

I love my work!

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